Ratio and Proportion Handwritten Notes PDF: Download Maths Short Tricks

Ratio and Proportion is an important topic that comes in Quantitative Aptitude of every competitive exam. Questions from this topic comes in almost every competitive exams like Bank, SSC etc. In order to score well, one must be aware of the formulas, short tricks and tips related to this topic.

To help you to understand all the concepts and formulas of Ratio proportion, we are providing you handwritten notes of Ratio and Proportion for free. You can download the PDF from the link given below. This Ratio and Proportion Notes PDF contains all the formulas, short tricks and tips which will help you ace your exams in no time.

Ratio and Proportion Notes for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS

Ratio and Proportion chapter is extremely essential from the SSC Exam point of view. Whether you are preparing for SSC CGL, CHSL or MTS exam, you should learn this topic thoroughly. Generally, 4–5 questions are asked from ratio and proportion in these exams. So learn the fundamental concepts of Ration and proportion from the notes given here.

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Ratio and Proportion Notes for Banking Exams

Ratio and Proportion are fundamental topics for any banking exam. In fact, questions from this topic have been consistently appearing in all banking exams in the past few years. To help bank exam aspirants understand this topic better and help them score higher, here are some simple notes on Ratio and Proportion that will be useful during your banking exam preparation.

These notes provide an overview of the basics of Ratio and Proportion, as well as important formulas and examples to help candidates understand the concept better. With these notes, candidates can quickly revise the key points related to this topic without having to go through long textbooks or study materials.

Download Ratio Proportion Notes PDF

Ratio and proportion handwritten notes in Hindi PDFDownload Now
Ratio and proportion handwritten notes in English PDFDownload Now
Ratio Proportion NCERT PDFDownload Now

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